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Tricep Mass Help


watsup, im simply looking for some advice on how to add mass onto the triceps. i do three exercises, three sets each in the 10-12 rep range. im just wondering wat three exercises really build mass, and since i do three exercises id prefer each movement to focus on each of the three heads. now,i know that its impossible to isolate eacg completly, so please just gimme your opinions on the three best exercises.

also, i do chest monday and tris tuesday so im really not looking to do CG bench or RG bench since my chest is usually still sore as hell.


Eat more?

More volume and weight on the exercises? 3x10-12 is so...blah

Oh and close grip bench, over head dumbbell extensions, and skull crushers.


Go heavier.
Stop worrying about hitting each head of the tricep.

Consider substituting CG in for your regular bench for a week or so. Try and alternate that cycle. It wont kill your "chest mass" by any means. If it does its not like you CANT get that size back. If you still have plenty juice left in that tank after regular bench you could just go into CG bench after that.

I would do 4-5 sets of no more than 5 reps of CG bench. After that throw in some push downs. Ether with a straight bar or v-bar.

You dont need much.....keep it heavy and simple.


haha i will try to eat more, ive actually been eating more carbs. thanx for your thoughts.


i can dig wat your saying, i do CG like every other week in my tricep routine, sometimes even RG, but sometimes my chest is just still so fucking sore, haha i know it wont kill my chest mass, i guess maybe i am thinking about it too much. thanks bro.


oh, and i meant i do tris wednesday, dont know why i put tuesday.


Yeah I use to do the over analyzing thing when it came to hitting certan muscle groups. Then all of a sudden I was just like "fuck it" and started keeping things simple and going heavy whenever I could.

Keep me posted on your progress.


Lying dumbbell triceps press with neutral grip(think neutral-grip crushers with DB's). The DB's should be beside you ears at the bottom. Hits all three heads equally. Pick a weight you can rep for 12, give it 45-60sec between sets. Do as many as you can do without failing a rep for three sets.

week by week, progress in weight until you can only do 8 for the first set, then reset to your new 12-rep weight.

For the other two exercises, I rotate:

push downs
bench dips
overhead extensions
skull crushers w/ EZ bar


haha i think im just getting out of that overanalyzing phase, and ill keep you posted and post pictures on my profile at intervals, im gonna friend request you if thats cool.


ive been doing the neutral grip extensions on a decline bench, fucking hard as shit dude! hmm, ill try the weight progression technique and let you know, shit and i didnt know it hit all three heads equally! thanks for your time!


Close grip benching, kaz pressing, jm pressing, dips, floor presses, db floor presses.

Any of the above.. a lot.


Oh, I should mention also that rock-n-rolls are a good extension type movement. Lay on your back on the floor, lower the dumbbells to your shoulders and roll them back, then roll them forward and extend (not press). Use the momentum to handle more weight than regular extensions and be prepared to say "blow it out your ass" when some 130lb kid stops you to say you have bad "form" or "technique" - as if extensions are such a precise maneuver. Hah.

Like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2NhBv-DTXM

An old-school high-volume thing they'd do at westside involved this movement. For about 3 weeks they'd do it and then stop for a few weeks and do other things. Basically, after the main lift, they'd take a medium weight and do 8 reps of these, then rest only 20-25secs, then go again. Do 8 sets of 8 reps with only 20 or so secs between. Brutal.


just curious, wats a jaz and jm press?



Bench Press, Dips, JM Press, Military Press, Floor Press


Wow how the hell did I forget floor presses.

FML. haha


A JM press is more ideal for building mass at the joint and strengthening connective tissue (my opinion). For a JM, lay on the bench. Grab the barbell with a very close grip. Keeping your knuckles facing the ceiling and your elbows at 45 degrees, bring the bar toward your clavicle then explode back up.

On a Kazmier press (named after the old school strongman), take a grip about shoulder with and lower to the collar bone. On this one keep an EXTREME elbow tuck - keep those elbows parallel to your spine if that makes sense.

Both can also be done on a smith machine.

JM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxfzWbEKd6s

Kaz, can't find a good vid, but hopefully I explained it clearly enough.


Let's see your split. Why not try something like:



Or... Upper Heavy, Lower Heavy, Upper Light, Lower Light... somewhat like Westside Barbell's ME/DE splits, but geared more toward hypertrophy. Better frequency than a straight part-split.

Another option would be full body, but different intensity each workout of the week. Like.. Monday 1-6reps per set, Wednesday 12-20reps per set, Friday 8-12reps per set.


Tate presses 5x5(ramped) as your first tri excercise


heres my general split and it works dam well for me so i aint changing anything yet.

Day2-Back/rear delts

sewe ive come to a problem with my split, on day 4 my back is usually too sore to squat, i like body part splits, bodybuilding style, any suggestions on a week split?