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Tricep Lockout Exercise

One of the exerices in Waterbury’s “Muscle Revolution” is the Tricep Lockout. I dont know this exercise. Can someone direct me to a video or image of it? If not, can you give an explanation. Thanks.

Not definately sure but it is probly a limited range bench movement either close grip or normal. The motion can be done in a rack or with boards (3-5) to really emphasize the tri’s. if you are at a gym without too much equipment then you could do it by simply limiting you range of motion but that would take away some of the benefits of the exercise. You can google floor press, Board press, and bench lockouts to find video or go to EliteFTS.com and go to the exercise index.
Hope That Helps, BB

I am pretty sure that means the top portion of a bench press

Use the power rack about twice a month to strengthen the triceps, particularly on the lockout portion of the lift. Place a flat bench in the power rack and set the pins about 6-8 inches below lockout. Perform 1-2 sets of 6-10 reps each. Control the weight throughout the entire movement and when lowering the bar to the pin, do not bounce the weight, but rather, touch the pin, hold it for a momentary pause and press the weight to a lockout. Hold the lockout portion for 2-3 seconds. It is important to maintain the solid body position on the bench. If your feet or butt is moving or shifting, then the weight is too heavy. Dont overdo the power rack exercisesthey are very brutal and can lead to over-training.

Thanks guys. Now, I can do this in tomorrow’s workout.

There are pictures in this article. http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1421267