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Tricep-Lat Pain

Hey guys I was just hoping for some input on this.

Ever since I started lifting about a year ago I’ve had occasional pain that spreads from my tricep- my lat on my left side.

Now I’ve wondered why it is when I was 15 3ish years ago I suffered a fall from a high up surface… I snapped my left forearm in two and had to have some permanent metal plates placed inside my arm to allow the bone to repaid properly.

This has caused lots of problems in training but anyway thats not my current problem.

Ever since I started training the tricep-lat pain has been the same, so I did wonder if when I fell if I had suffered some muscle damage that has been underlying and permanent.
It is especially predominant when I used to do lateral raises, after I let go of the dumbbell I would get the pain.

The pain isn’t bad it’s a weird one a cross between a stretching feeling, a burning feeling and a sort of tearing.

So anyway I stopped the lateral raises, but recently I’ve been doing bent over rows.
Now today I stretch my arm upwards I get the pain, I stretch it downwards I get the pain also if I stretch it across.

I was hoping some of the stretches would of helped but now I doubt it.

Anyway any ideas you can give me about this problem would be handy and ways to rest it/ treat it.

See a doctor. Preferably a good one.

No one should ask about injury-related issues on a web forum. You need to be evaluated in person by a professional to get an answer to your questions and issues.

I agree with Nate Dogg. It’s good advice, though some I’ve never taken.

Alright will do.