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Tricep Insertion


hey guys can someone tell me what a short and long tricep insertion point looks like? Im guessing its just how much space is from your elbow to your tricep but im not even sure whats avg.


This would be a very LONG triceps... it attaches right at his elbow with little to no gap.


Compared to Kamali's much shorter arm attachments. Notice the gap from his elbow to where the triceps "drop". Kamali will NEVER EVER have standout arms compared to the rest of his body like Sergio could.


http://www.intensemuscle.com/513526-post2.html this is a good comparison as well.

That picture of Sergio he had torn one of his triceps(left one) and it still looks pretty good...


thanks scott, now is there any benefit to having short triceps, i know that having short biceop attachements can sometimes give u a nice peak even though it wont be as big, is there any benefit to short tricep attachments?


Not really lol.

To answer your other question, there isn't really "average" lengths of muscle bellies but I can safely tell you that Kamali type arms are far more common than Sergio amongst regular bodybuilders.


ok i got you, even though kamalis arms are not sergios they still look damn good haha


Average is 4-6" from elbow to deepest insertion of the "horseshoe" when doing a side tricep pose.


This is a point I have trouble making whenever that genetics term gets tossed around on the forum. As soon as it's uttered people look at is an excuse... it's being realistic.

Someone will know within the first 2 years of training if they are something special, if you have King Kamali's arm insertion points you won't have 22s anytime soon but you can surely still build some big ass arms if you are determined enough and do things right.

People that think they are going to turn pro but don't even stand out in a crowd after 3-5 years of training... forget about it and be more freaking realistic. Train hard, but set goals that are within reason.

It's like being dead set on being a fighter pilot if you've got terrible vision... it's not for you but you can still do something important, you just need to understand your strengths/weaknesses. Make sense?


haha i totally know where your coming from, the only time you can really use genetics as an excuse for arms is if u truly build your arms to the point where they will no longer grow bigger no matter what u do. Almost no one on this site has this problem haha


is it possible to have high biceps/low triceps or vice versa or are the insertion points usually the same for bis and tris?


I'm pretty sure I have a short bicep insertion and a long tricep.




Nah, they can be completely different. A lot of guys with great arms have short but high-peaked biceps and long triceps.
You also can't just say "long triceps" in general, as all three heads can vary in length and in how prominent they appear (some guys have long heads which stand out a lot, others have fairly flat long heads) quite a bit.
Short biceps are also no guarantee for a high peak.


I love my long triceps... Hate the shorter biceps though :frowning:


Don't assume that you have long triceps just because they blend in well with the elbow. If the triceps is underdevelopped it does not hang that much anyway, giving it the impression it is longer.

The front double biceps is actually a terrible way of determining triceps length. It is better to do a side triceps and see how close to the elbow the lateral head is. As far as the long head is concerned, the less space inside the horseshoe the better.

Either way the triceps is not as easy to assess as the biceps.