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Tricep Imbalance


I'm trying to fix a tricep imbalance i have . My right arm is way stronger than my left so im trying to use barbell exercises to a minimum , but i wanted to include close grip presses in my routine . Any exercise you guys recommend to replace it? I've heard of the doing db floor presses but im not too sure.


nuetral grip db presses of all angles


Compound movements should always be the bread and butter of any routine, but for you're sake, maybe add in some iso moves for weaker arm and really work on mind/muscle connection. db floor press w/neutral grip is a great exercise, but really focus on firing and contracting the tricep at lockout


I'm not saying you need to do this specifically for your imbalance, but in general, I think that everyone should try to go to a certified muscle activation technique (MAT) therapist. You will notice results after just one session usually, and there could be some deeper issue to your muscle imbalance, but just my .02


For how much do you training? Inbalances get smaller with time. Just train. And do some dumbbell work as you know, and start with weaker arm. Maybe do some dips instead of cgp. They allow for more direct poundage to triceps. And also you can get more work for one side in this exercise. Just tilt your body to the weaker arm and the weaker one should get more work. Do some overhead dbs french press.


Use dumbbells for your pressing movements and give your weaker triceps some extra sets until they're both even.


Db floor presses are good. Its pretty easy to set up and you don´t need a spotter even for heavier weights.


It can be a real bitch to get them in position with BIG dumbells though! I have when I have done them in the past gone lighter and added bands, the lockout is a bitch in a good way


I'm with bignate.

In fact, neutral grip DB presses are also great for when you have nagging injuries and can't regular barbell press.


finally someone who recognizes the greatness of nuetral grip! I had a summer where besides flat barbell benching, my over head incline and other flat presses were all nuetral grip, its perfect for shoulder injuries, i have some bad shoulders and these shits never hurt them... AT ALL! IT also slabbed a ton of muscle on my triceps, within a month i had people ask me if i had gained weight just on my arms.... shits nuts.

Anyways, fucking do it, its dumbells, u could do one arm at a time if u really want to focus on ur weak arm that will help. Another good variation is the dumbell floor press, that will force u to activate ur trceps in order to start from the dead stop.

Also imbalances canbe from deeper issues that wont be fixed by working the weak arm more, in fact some injuries and imbalcnes will get worse with extra work, if u do not see succes by using one arm work and just genral stregnth gains i highly reccommend that u search for a deeper reason ur weakness and imbalance and the internet is not the FUCKING PLACE FOR THAT SHIT



^^ Great exercise. You spend as much if not more energy stabilizing than extending the forearm.


^^That's John Meadows, boy. Follow his advice and one day you'll look like you actually lift.


Since I started training, I've always had slight differences in sizes of my muscles. Doesn't bother me any, but if it did I'd go with Dumb Bell training and/or hammer strength machine presses since both make each side work equally. Strength and size gains may not be as significant with these, IMO.

I do, however, try to focus on not relying too much on one limb or another on Bench, Dips, etc, which maybe I'm crazy, but for me lifting with lower reps seems to keep me from leaning too much on one limb. Really focus on form and pushing with boht. With hgher reps I lose focus and have ended up feeling more work in one arm or the other. That's probably just me.


i dont feel dumbell floor presses


Depends if Triceps are really the problem. Could be related to stabilisation. Could be Rotator cuff injury/weakness.


My tricep size is also smaller


progress report?


How much smaller are we talking? How big are you arms? Could be nerve related too perhaps. How big of a strength difference is there between them?


I totally agree, there would be a reason as to why there is an imbalance and you should get right down to the root of it. You can also try a good physio they should be able to shed some light onto it and help you get back to business.