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Tricep Hell

Some people asked so, this is what it looks like when your triceps die and go to hell. 34 total reps:

Where are the dudes who take off the 10’s and leave you just pressing an empty bar- ah that was a different thread never mind.

On a different note I’m glad I’m not the only one jamming boards under my shirt and then having to adjust them. I’ve even resorted to having my 9-year-old hold the boards in place.

What were you being punished for?

Ah yes the dreaded “under the shirt titty splinter workout”. You are being punished are’nt you? lol

great choice in music for that video.

its fun isnt it?

what you need is a board man, so you can really take it up a notch, by not racking it til you do a full cycle of the boards.

my partner hates me.

I typically double up a mini band and use that to keep the board in place. Of course, I do very little board pressing.

Doubled mini band around chest & board works well.

Why not just duct tape the boards if you’re getting splinters?

We used to do these from a 1 board all the way to a 6 board, then just because my teamates and I felt like being assholes, we added in a foam board, and did it at a 7th level. Our triceps, we could hear them cry, it was brutal.