Tricep Extensions Shoulder Pain

When i do standing or seated tricep extensions with dumbbells i experience a pain in my shoulders. I do each exercise one arm at a time and experience shoulder pain in both arms but more so the right one. To me, my form looks good and i believe i am executing the exercise correctly but why am i having shoulder pain? Is it due to weakness in the rotator cuffs? Is there a slight error in my form or just a simple key aspect of the exercise im overlooking? Does anyone else experience this same scenario? All tips and suggestions are appreciated, thank you.

I have dodgy shoulders, and french press’s sometimes hurt them. I think that’s the same exercise that you are reffering to?

Infact most over-head movements make them hurt. Switched to neutral grip DB press’s instead of bb. Dropped all benching ages ago, too.

I haven’t personally done french-press’s for a while. Look for another movement that hits the tri’s is my advice. It could be weak rotators, who knows.

I use an ez-curl bar to do skull-crushers, less strain on the shoulders and elbows and wrists, I find.

I am not referring to french presses. Just regular standing one-arm tricep extensions. And yes i have no problem with skull crushers, my shoulders are pretty much fine with benching

Maybe you can try using both arms (alternate top hand each set) and a single dumbell and see if that helps. I do them on an incline bench that I can raise and lower the seat but I’ve done them in the past sitting backwards on preacher curl bench. You can go heavy and get a nice stretch this way and it might help with the shoulder issue.