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Tricep development

The part of the tricep ‘horseshoe’ on my outer arm is vastly overdeveloped in comparison to the other side. Anyone know any techniques/excercises to isolate the other side and get some symmetry going? Thanks!

Yes! Someone please answer this question. I have the same problem.

Triceps are my best body part. Assuming that you have built the foundation (ie, mass) already, then I would say reverse or one arm reverse triceps puchdowns, one arm cable kickbacks and french presses or triceps extentions (lying or sitting). After each set, squeeze your triceps with your arm by your side and twisting it for twenty seconds. Go for the burn.

If I understand your problem correctly, then you are saying that the long head of the tri’s are underdeveloped. I would recommend working the triceps with a stretch in it, like incline tricep extension or lying tricep extension to behind the head rather than to the forehead or chin. It’s been my experience that pressing movements like close grip bench (or even plain flat bench) tend to work the outer head more, so I would only maintain for a while until the long head catches up.

Try doing tricep lifts over your head, like the one where you lower a dumbbell behind your head. This stretches the long head, the part near the lat, and works it more.

What Avoidroids said.

You took the time to answer a two year old post with that?

LOL!! Just a little late chiming in… :slight_smile:

When I hit my triceps, I do exercises that put my wrists in every possible position, this I feel is the way I isolate the different head of the triceps, which are very hard to do. I start out of course with a core exercise, then will go into some isolation exercises. Super setting st. bar pushdowns with st. bar pull downs, has always been a mainstay in my program, and I haev developed some fairly decent tris with this method of training. I have pics posted if you would like to see if my advice is valid.

Janderstein, LOL, I think AikiGreg probably knows how to work his triceps now. He’s had more than a year and a half to work on them. :slight_smile:

If it’s of any interest, I’m currently working on a tricep article which will address this and many other issues. Should be submitted to T-Mag fairly soon.

haha. Boy that was good, DocT. It’s been slow around here. Not much to do but pull up old threads. Anyone interested in this could read the Ian King article that discusses many many tricep exercises and exactly what head is hit with each. Here’s the link:

Any suggestions on working the opposite side? (I’d say my problem is the exact opposite…I’ve got nice “horseshoe” development heheh, but the inside part of the tri closest to my lats could use work).

i also do janderstein’s supersets of pulldowns followed by pressdowns after my main excercises: dips overhead extensions with curl bar or dumbells. I do overhead extensions so i get the nice stretch. Also the heavy dips are great for mass with an upright torso to hit the tris more then the chest. laters pk

Don Alessi had an article specifically addressing this problem not long ago. Don’t recall the name, check the archives. If anyone still cares.