Tricep chest and braichallis work

I currently designed a new workout split to be completely differnet from all of my other workouts that I’ve attempted. My main focus in this one is do differnet excercises as well as rep ranges that will allow me to trigger new growth in my triceps, and chest. My first question about this is my workout outline good enough for what I’m looking for as in more tricep mass mainly. Another thing is i’ve heard some stuff aobut working the braichaillis to basicly make the arm bigger by pushing the muscle on top up. Is that true? or is it just a bunch of crap and if its true what excersises are best at working it out?
Thanks for your help in advance.


I am by no means an expert but as far as hitting your brachii hammer curls and palms down preacher curls seem to work awesome for me (just started focusing on them a couple weeks ago). I couldnt see them making a huge difference on your bicep but developming that muscle will definately benefit the overall look of your arms as a lot of guys have reverse popeye syndrome.peace

oh shit sorry mis-read your question, ya im about as interested in concentrating on that muscle as well. Triceps i find respond the best to strict form form skull crushers as well as seated dumbell tricep extension and the obvious bread and butter close grip bench press. sorry bout the last post

first thing sorry I forogt my lil workout →
Reverse Shoulder kickbacks
Tricep Pushdowns
Bent-over barbell rows

Incline Dumbbell Press
Lateral Shoulder Raises
Reverse Grip Benches
Dumbbell Rows

Barbell Curls
Wrist Curls

thanks for replying to me twista, from what you said I think I may add in the close grip bench presses because I remember those worked pretty well on my outer tricep head and tahts hte main head I need to improve on. my next workout phase I may add in the seated tri extentions but I cut skull crushers out because I didnt like what they were doing to my elbows. but the braichaillis stuff still puzzles me :confused: is it really all that important?

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I’ve incorportated some of these techniques into my workout with good results.

The absolute king of triceps excersises is the parallel bar dip. This allowed me to take my bench from a stagnant 40kgs to 120kgs now, and I added 5kgs last week and the week before… so it’s good stuff.

It also hits the anterior deltoid and the lower pectorals. So it’s very synergistic for your programme.

It’s a great “burn up” excersise once you get string enough. I sometines come off the bench press, and dip till failiure for a couple of sets just for a shits and giggles.

The brachialis is an important muscle, which is recruited when the wrist is pronated (palm facing down). It is key to your being able to do pull-ups with a wide grip, since a supinated grip is not possible with a decently wide grip, and as we know, pull-ups are good shit! In my humble opinion, you should train the brachialis, not only because it will broaden and deepen your upper arm, but because it will make you stronger in all the pulling movements!

Brachialis work will make your arm look more finished. It won’t add much to your biceps/triceps measurement.

thanks for the replays I wanan say tahnks to tracer becuase he mentioned dips and i forgot to add those to my workout those were the things that made my arms huge about a year back now I must remember to use them again since I’m liftin at school now. But today I had a pretty good workout on my triceps doing my friday split which is good i’m gonna add the dips to wednesday or monday’s workout because the reverse grip bench presses made my anterior delts mad tired. But thanks for the help on that.
One other thing I noticed today that I was wondering boaut is before I didn’t have any carbs to take with my protein I just drank it after I worked out. One thing I noticed was after drinking the protein I’d have to take ap iss sometime afterwards but my piss would be yellow and I heard that the more yellow your piss is the more like by products and stuff thats in it, so today I’m drinkin my protein+carbs i hae to take ap iss and everything is pretty much clear. So i’m curious to see if the carbs opening up a bigger window allowed for the protein to go straight to my muscles rather than get wasted? It may seem weird but I figured I might as well ask.