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Tricep Assistance Best Exercise for Mass?


I am 25 year old personal trainer been lifting since I was 18 but doing only been doing 5/3/1 for the last 2 years and have made outstanding gains from this program so thank you Jim. Iv followed the program exactly as written and only changed the assistance exercises depending on weaknesses and goals at the time. I have been using BBB for mass and Hypertrophy and SST to push my strength work up as well as truimvirate to keep it fresh.

However my goal for the summer is to put on some lean mass so I thought I would give the BBB 3 month challenge another go last time tried it gave up on the 70% month. This time I will smash it.

In terms of aesthetics my arms have always been pretty small especially in my triceps. I absolutely hate doing skull crushers of any kind my question is Jim what exercise can I put in my upper body day for the best mass gains in triceps that wont hinder the BBB 3 month challenge?


Do it as written. It is the only way.


The 5x10 OHP and 5x10 Bench is not enough for gaining mass? Eat more.

Also, if I remember correctly there is option to do couple sets of 1-2 isolation exercises after supplemental work.


If you are going to do the BBB Challenge, the only thing I’d recommend for you is 100 rep triceps extensions, done 2-3 days/week, never before you bench or press. This is specific to you and your situation, not something I’d recommend for everyone.

Good luck and EAT.


Hey there, I’m not a native speaker of English so I hope I do not sound offensive (No intention to be so here on my side):
I do not get it. As far as I understood Jim Wendler his approach to training is utmost performance oriented and NOT aesthetics oriented (man, correct me if I’m wrong…).
So if you are making great progress, which means you have advanced in strength, speed, agility, you name it - and your body has responded in a certain way (in this case with not building huge triceps), then why would you want to change something?
If your main goal is to change your looks (which is totally fine!), then why not check out approaches from looks-oriented guys? There are a few here on t-nation.
To me it’s like buying a big massive tractor to do heavy work and then asking the salesmen about how to get the tires painted in a nicer color…