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Tricep and Shoulder Can't be Used

Hi guy’s, I’ve been on the website for a while and love the forums and articles.
I’m a 21 year old male from the UK. Had a skiing accident in january and pulled my shoulder pretty bad, doctor and physio just says let it heal… however I’ve been doing some training (only things where I feel no pain in the areas whatsoever)

Due to the injury it seems I can only train my arms and legs.
My routine is as fellows
Legs: Heavy Dumbell Squats (varied, sometimes I do 5x5 heavy or do the 20 squat programme I found on this website)
Arms: Super slow chin ups (I do chin ups as I still feel pain doing wide arm pulls, I’ve managed 25 seconds up + down so far) followed by as many weighted chinups as I can, then 3 sets 8-12 on the barbell curl.

Any ideass for anything else I can add to my routine while my shoulder/tricep heals?

Cheers guys.

Lunges, Rows (if it doesnt hurt your shoulders), Maybe do some deadlifts too.

Cheers for the reply mate. I’ve been slowly working deadlifts into my training. Really need to do something with my chest, due to the amount of pull ups I do I think I may start to look like a gorilla.

You can try doing some cable work for your chest. It still may irritate your shoulder. But you can test it out.

Can you do any chest/shoulder exercises really light or at high reps; might be alternative; but maybe not as dont no degree of your injury

I can do really light reps, don’t really feel the same though. It’s not a bad injury, just a pulled muscle but don’t want it to get much worse for the sake of a few training sessions. maybe I’ll just keep working on my arms, back and legs then beast my chest and tris when they’re better. thanks so much for replying

follow your primary care providers advice. If your shoulder is hurt, you still want to deadlift? You don’t use a pulling motion with your deadlift?

Definitely avoid anything that could even potentially irritate your shoulder (even if it doesn’t hurt when you do it), and let it heal. Stick to lifting what you can and just staying healthy. Ya, it’s gonna set you back, but you can hopefully build some wheels in the process and be ready to go with a good shoulder again.

Just rest, kid.

thanks for all the advice, I’ll bear it all in mind, cheers.

Hey sutty,

I brought up the thing about the light reps as i had a shoulder injury that i tried to work around; however, it did not go away until i started training with really light weights using reps 20 to 30 (the exact rep range was dependent on how my shoulder felt). Using this light training, my shoulder eventually healed; but i dont think it would of if i would of not of trained light.

This is based on my actual experience; however, your injury could be completely different so you have to keep that in mind. I only bring this up in the event that you still feel the injury a couple months from now. Just something to keep in the back of your mind. As others have said, keep with your doctors advice…