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Tribute to Meat !!


I sketched a comic book cover to honor the legend known as Meat ! You still have that Holiday Day Inn Pen ?


it's like the old days my friend. do you still have the strips you drew in highschool?? i was always amazed with what ease you could draw pretty much anything.

i do still have that pen in my bag. it's dried up but still in there.




Nice haha


Yeah, I think I came across those cartoons I drew from high school the other day. I miss those days, lifting at the Meat R.A.C., really good times! Didn't last long enough !!

I think we've got something here. First the Meat graphic novel, then some endorsements, Meat apparel, movie deal......


Marauder meat is the man. He has more credibility than anyone on this site. he's got a 500 pound bench and Bodybuilding comp trophies. The dude also helped my bench press by showing me power pushdowns. I wish him well.


Maraudermeat for prez!


Meat is the man!


I clicked on this expecting to see epic amounts of steak and beef.


Sorry for hijacking this thread, but what are power pushdowns?



Just to let you know... the Canadian military is currently engaging in a covert operation to abduct Meat and transport him across the border, where he will be declared Prime Minister. He will be held in high esteem, given a virgin every day and as much McDonalds he can eat. Resistance is futile...


Awesome stuff