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Tribute to KSMan

I want to publicly thank KSMan for all the help he gives to anyone who asks. He has helped me and lots of others. We are all better off because he is here on the boards.

So, thank you KSMan! You’ve improved the quality of life for a lot of people, and what could be better than that?

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A thread like this is long overdue. KSMan’s contributions to the art and science of TRT are recognized and appreciated by all of us who have benefited from his knowledge and insights.

Thank you, KSMan.

I agree…KSMan talks, I listen.

HH, you never cease to amaze me with your new threads, some dead serious, some amusing, some offbeat. But kudos to you for recognizing the one guy on T-Nation I am in awe of, KSMan. I respect and admire the various editors on T-Nation, but KSman is in a league of his own. I feel priviledged to be a “student” again in our various discussions. Doc

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Yeah, I’ll climb on this bandwagon as someone who’s life has been changed in a very good way due in large part to KSman’s posts. They’ve influenced me directly and indirectly. Thanks!

Ditto. I thanked him privately and I appreciate the opportunity to thank him publicly. He has taught me (and many others) a lot about HRT. When T-Nation pulled the over-35 forum, I went elsewhere. When they resurrected it, KSman contacted me and pulled me back. Great guy.

The breadth of his knowledge is amazing. I learn something new every time he posts.

Thanks, KSman – I appreciate yr analysis and generosity.


        Great guy, full of knowledge and always ready to share it.


Many of you know me from the other boards.

Bottom line - I knew nothing of HRT before he came alone. Eeverything I learmed started with him and took off from there. Big kudos to you Ksman. We all owe you a debt of gratitude


Thanks for all you have done to help me with my journey on TRT!

Agreed - thanks Ksman!

I enjoy helping others, don’t know what else to say. Keep the questions rolling. I learn a lot dealing with and researching the situations that come up. Others have been very helpful to me too.

I have sparred with KSMan on a few topics, and after every episode I definitely learn something from the experience. I have found his advice and his teachings to be very very helpful and I love the manner in which he writes: he sounds like a college professor!

Kudos to you too Headhunter for initiating and participating in some of the most entertaining posts I have had the priviledge to read.

No doubt a very smart guy who is always there to help. Great thread for a guy who deserves praise.

Let me belatedly jump on the bandwagon. KSMan is an outstanding individual who is giving his time and knowledge to us to help us better our own lives.

Class act, all the way.

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Thank you very much KSMan!

Indeed. Having just started TRT, KSMan has answered all of my questions in great detail. His responses to my questions and to those of others have helped me understand what is happening now, what to expect, and what to ask my doctor as my TRT progresses.

KSMan, if you’re ever in Boston, dinner (or two) is on me.