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Tribute to Dick Butkus


After seeing that goofy commercial with Dick Butkus I was brought back to my childhood watching football and dug up this excellent piece. I had forgotten what a relentless predatory one man wrecking squad this guy was. For some of you younger guys who weren't around then, nobody could single handedly disable an entire offense like Butkus. He held records for tackles, sacks AND interceptions if I remember right. Not that much of a football guy anymore (the Lions don't help), but this made me wanna go out and tackle somebody just for the hell of it.


You must realize that with a name like Dick Butkus, one would really have no other choice than to be a complete beast...




"he was moby dick in a goldfish bowl"


Booyah, that was awesome!


Butkus is a GOD! I saw him on Politically Incorrect and they were talking about a golfer who has MS who wasnted to join the tour, but the tour rules say the player must walk the course. The guy with MS cannot walk the course and wanted to take a cart and the debate was whether to allow him to take the cart and change the rules. Bill Maher said he wanted to play in the NBA but he can't shoot and can't jump. So they asked Butkus about playing against Rocky Blier who lost part of his foot in Viet Nam. Butkus said the coach told him to hit the cipple. So Butkus said, "I hurt the cripple."

He's just a monster. They wouldn't let him practice against his own QBs because he didn't take it easy even in practice.


I played with his son Matt, who was a total bust. I felt bad for the guy, he had huge expectations to meet and the guy was mediocre at best. One of his best uses of his USC degree was working at a car wash.