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Tribulus ??


I understand cycling steriods but is it necessary to cycle over the counter test boosters like tribulus, long jack and 6-0x0...... cant you just take it year round and get all the benefits from it?


There are (at least) two reasons to cycle something:
1. to avoid the accumulation of unwanted side-effects (as with some steroids)
2. to avoid developing a tolerance for the substance (as with caffeine)

From what I've read re: Biotest products such as Alpha Male, you derive maximum benefit from cycling because otherwise your body gets accustomed to the tribulus/eurycoma and won't get the same boost from it.


well, a cycle not only consist of a supplement that will increase your strength and endurance combined with a high cal diet.
but with an excersise program that proves 1+1=2
for instance pushing that extra 15lbs on your bench press, can usually only be obtained for 9-21 weeks in some cases before you become so fatigued that you have to stop your cycle to recoperate.

for instance just completed a brutal 14 week cycle. i gained about 180lbs. on my leg press, and i bench pressed 225lbs. in sets of 5.
it could be Tribulis, Methoxy-7, whatever.
it all basically works.


What the hell are you talking about?


I think that same thing every damn time I read one of his posts. Raul, shut the fuck up!


Herbs work on various receptor sites and these sites grow increasingly "numb" unless you cycle.