Hi guys, I am a new user of this forum and must say apart from the great information and interesting topics, even the layout is kick ass !

I have never used tribulus before. However ordered a bottle of and will start using it soon.

Reading such a lot of stuff about the effects that drugs of any sort have on the body I m a little scared using the trib. Plus I read online that trib can actually give u gyno and that I need to take it with some thing called “andro”.

Am I being paranoid ? Is trib harmful for someone like me who just wants to look good and feel healthy ? Will it give me acne, gyno or baldness ?

looking forward to your response.

I don’t like saying this as a response but I, along with Cy who knows about everything on supplements, just posted an answer to a very similar question 2 days ago. So do a search. It’s under “Supplements and Nutrition” and right now it is towards the bottom of page 1 and the title is “Androgenic Effects of Natural Testosterone”. Hopefully the responses will answer some of your questions. If you have any questions after reading that, please ask again. Hope that helps.

Assuming of course that you ordered Alpha Male from this site, I’d reommend you click on the icon above and many of your questions will be answered. You can also search on “TRIBEX-500” as there is a long thread on that product. If you didn’t purchase one of those two products;

  1. Do some more research (search function) in the archives as all tribulus is not created equal and Biotest goes to great pains to deliver the best product for you. In short, the procurement method, transportation and processing impacts the effectiveness of Tribulus greatly.
  2. Read the article “Mad as Hell” posted 10/22 by TC.
    old dogg

Hopefully you bought TRIBEX from this site, there is alot of Tribulas products out there that are pure crap. No, you cannot get “Gyno” from TRIBEX and No, you don’t need to take Andro with it. Andro is Androstendione or Androstendiol. Some manufacturers combine these and other supplements together in a “kitchen Sink” conglomuration. Most of the time, these really don’t have much of anything in them other than advertising hype. Go to the products section here and “click” on TRIBEX or search the site for TRIBEX. If you didn’t buy TRIBEX as a Tribulas product, return it or toss it. The only Tribulas product (IMO) worth taking is TRIBEX, everything else out there is crap.