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Hi everyone, I’ve been in the gym for about 2 years and would like to get some supplements. Already taking Creatine, Glutamine, a whey and some vitamins (C,E, Zinc and Mag) and would like to get a little extra, like tribulus or anything that could help develop muscle mass and good definition. I’m actually 5,11 190 at 13% body fat. I would like to be 200lbs and around 10.5% body fat in a three month period. What do you suggest. But remember, I’m a football player and will be tested, so, no “hard” stuff. Thanks

If you’re under 25 years of age, I doubt that a tribulus product will do anything for you in the gym. And no supplement is going to “develop muscle mass and good definition” simultaneously. Definition and mass are the result of proper diet and training. Supplements only help to get you there a little quicker.

Do you keep a food log with your daily breakdown of macronutrients and total calories? If you don’t, start. I’d bet you can get where you want with proper diet and training. Check out Shugart’s article “The Missing Ingredient”. Good luck.

I’ve seen plenty of guys in their early twenties who got great gains after they started using Tribex-500. In fact, one of Biotest’s research studies on Tribex-500 was performed on college age athletes. This whole thing about younger guys not benefitting from increases in Testosterone is a myth.