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Tribulus, ZMA and Methoxy 7 ...

Hi everyone, I’m already taking a load of creatine, glutamine along with a whey and some vitamins such as C, E, Zinc and Magnesium. I just got some FUZU, ZMA and Methoxy 7; I’m gonna start FUZU and ZMA right away, I have 1 month 1/2 worth of both, but only have 3 weeks of Methoxy 7. Here is the question, at what moment of my training should I take Methoxy to get optimal results from it, I mean, in what phase : I’m presently in the endurance/hypertrophy phase, doing sets of 10 reps, will soon jump to 8 and then 4 to 6 reps for strenght. By the way, I’m not a body builer, I’m a football player, and need some advices. What should I do ?
Thanks !