Tribulus without Anti-E supplemets

Is taking tribulus without using an anti-estrogen supplement a zero sum gain? Do any of you swear by any of the anti-estrogen supplements?

You don’t have to take an anti-e with tribulus. The best ones like Tribex only bring your T levels up to “high normal” levels, not over and above what is natural.

I am currently taking:

Hot-Rox 2tabs in the AM and 2 tabs in the afternoon

Vitrix 3 tabs AM and 3 tabs afternoon

No Anti-E to speak of.

I have been stacking Tribex with Maca per the CT comments a few weeks ago. Hot dam! I can feel the pump.

You’re not in need of any anti-estrogen supplements while using Tribex or any other tribulus based product for that matter. As has already been mentioned, Tribex has the potential to put your T levels in the ‘high-normal’ range. It is when you start getting into supraphysological levels, that aromatization becomes a concern.

let me hijack this thread just for a moment. i would like to take tribex, red cat and hot rocks but all call for ingestion on an empty stomach. can all three be taken together?

yman, all 3 can be taken together. They’re really talking about food. In this case “on an empty stomach” means one hour (or a little less) before a meal or 2 hours after.

Pardon my lack of knowledge here but do you mean Vitex? And isn’t Vitex and Anti-E of sorts. Blocks ER and increases LH? Also, what dosage are you taking? From researching past forum posts by Strasser isn’t 400mg per day sufficent?

Thanks for all the replys. I thought Vitex was an anti-E. I really did not get a good answer though. Yes I understand how tribulus works raising T to the high normal range. But this increase really does not boost free T or does it? So my question is: are you just better off taking an anti-E to remove/block estrogen from the body thus raising free T and causing the body to also produce more T because estrogen is being kept in a lower range?

You don’t want estrogen too low. Ask any of the guys on the steroid forum who have overdosed their arimidex.

The ‘E’ ain’t all bad, man,

hedo, have you ever taken Tribex alone? If you have, can you compare it to having added the maca?



Not that any of the OTC anti-estrogens will decrease E levels to the point that things like Arimadex/Aromasin can.

TT, yman:

I didn’t think that RedKat and Tribex were supposed to be used at the same time.

Ok, with all that said, why should people spend the extra money on The M then? Is there any other purpose of M besides being an anti estrogen?

American Muscle:

M is a good thing to have (along with some redkat or tribex) after a mag10 cycle (see below). But other than that I wouldn’t recommend it, spend the money on tribex or redkat.

Plain and simple guys:

Products like tribex, redkat, and others only SUPPORT endogenous t levels so no need to worry bout estrogen.


If you throw pro hormones like mag10 into the mix which work through EXogenous t then it’s a good idea to use M or other anti-estrogen post cycle along with Tribex or other supp to help balance everything back out.

If you’re just using Tribex then don’t worry.

Ryan, for me a noticeable difference. I always used tribex alone. 5 days on 2 off. I saw a posting by Christian T and he mentioned stacking Tribex and MACA. Might have even suggested some RedKat also. I got a good pump from the tribex and the Maca really added something from a strength and nuscle hardness perspective. Using a product that is 325mg. Maca, 250 horny goat weed and 325 of yohimbine. Could not find straight Maca.

sorry for the highjack…fyi when I added vitex to my mix I did not notice any effect at all.

One quick question: anyone know if you are supposed to cycle off Tribex after you’ve finished a bottle? Or is it enough that you cycle 5 days on/ 2 days off?

You can take the Tribex for up to 12 weeks if you are doing the five days on and two days off cycle.


5 days on/ 2 days off IS the cycling protocol. No need to take a larger break after doing this protocol for a certain time period. Also, it really isn’t known if 5 days on/2 off is even neccessary. Its a good practice to allow someone to use tribex continuously without any possible problems occurring from taking it daily, but its only a suggestion. There was a post made a good while back, from Shugart himself I believe, which stated that the cycling protocol was just a suggestion; they don’t really KNOW if its neccessary or not.

American Muscle:

I’ve yet to see any recommendations for a 12 week limit to taking Tribex 5 days on / 2 days off.

I also remember seeing some articles where it mentions you could theoretically take it all the time. I believe TC does this.

Maybe I’m missing something?