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Tribulus Terrestris Powder

I have been taking tribulus terrestris powder for about a week. I don’t know if anyone else has tried this, but the taste is horrific. Its like sour milk, smelly feet and sulfur. I have read that the results (increased testosterone) from the powder are worth the twice daily drink. For others who have tried it, do you just hold your noses and swallow or do you add it with something

All of the cool people are poppin’ pills.

I’d check out TRIBEX or Alpha Male in the store.

Thanks. but I wold have thought that simllar to L-arginine and creatine that powder is more potent than capsules

Tribulus is the same whether it’s in pill or powder form.

The same is true for Creatine and most other products.

The thing to watch out for is getting a product with inadequate dosing, but this can happen regardless of whether it’s a pill or powder.

Yes, TRIBEX or Alpha Male is the ticket.


Thanks for the replies. What is a r4asonable doce. I am taking 2 doses a day of 2000 mg. Is that enough or should it be higher?

It depends on the potency.

If the saponin content is too low you could take the entire container and not see an effect.

Make sure it is Bulgarian and at least 45 percentage Saponins. For this supplement it really does matter where it is grown. Biotest makes a great tribulus as do some other companies, but there is a lot of shit out there too. If you have a good tribulus 500mg to 2000mg daiy should be plenty. Quality is more important than quantity for this supplement. For some other supplements it does not matter as much.

Tribulus terrestris grown on different soils does not consistently produce the same levels of steroidal saponins.The protodioscin content of T. terrestris varies greatly depending on the geographic region in which it is grown. Analysis of products selected from the U.S. market found lower levels of protodioscin in the majority of samples. It was found that the level of protodioscin changes substantially with the plant part (leaf, stem or fruit) and origin (Bulgaria, India or China) of the Tribulus.

All samples from Bulgaria contained a rather high percentage of protodioscin, with most of it in the leaves (1.34%), significantly less in the stems (0.27%) and fruits (0.24%). The phytochemistry of Chinese and Indian Tribulus differed considerably from that of Bulgarian origin. Samples from India and China showed totally different profiles in saponin content with protodioscin as only a minor compound: 0.063% in fruit from China and 0.024% in stem from India (leaf samples were not available).13 Consequently, Chinese and Indian T.terrestris does not have the same pharmacological and physiological functions as Bulgarian Tribulus.

The poweder I am taking by nutra bio is 60% saponins and lacks many of the additives of the capsules.

Based on the level of Saponins, is 4000 mg too much?

I don’t know what to say, except I’m using the powder too, and it tastes like a sack of funky butt holes. I am definitely just going to buy some Alpha Male next time, because this shit is ridiculous.

[quote]berkdog wrote:
The poweder I am taking by nutra bio is 60% saponins and lacks many of the additives of the capsules.

Based on the level of Saponins, is 4000 mg too much?[/quote]

Unless the company does liquid chromatography or at the minimum claims to use Bulgarian tribulus with high amount of saponins there is no way to know if they have enough protodisocin. This is what eally counts the most even more than saponins. I would not worry about the big name companies. The powders may be a good deal or could be a waste of money.

Assuming yours are of good quality, which I doubt, I would not worry about taking 4000mg, but I would not expect much addiotnal beenfit if any beyond 500mg to 2000mg. If it was me I would pay more and take a smaller dose from a quality company, but to each their own. Do not expect miracles from tribulus anyways.

Biotest is second to none in terms of quality.

Here is a link to show you how much protodisocin can vary.


Their product also has a good reputation, but I am sure they will only place information that makes their product look good. Other than their own, even they show Biotest has the most. You can see how 500mg from Biotest could be like taking 5000mg or even more from another name supplement company. Enough on tribulus.