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Tribulus Terrestris For PCT?


Can i use tribulus terrestris as a form of pct since it works with my natural test levels to get them back up?




Actually, IMO, it depends on how long you were on, the juice you used etc. Actually for the price of a good trib, I would use proper PCT.


well how about if i used supderdrol for 4 weeks? i also took in about 30 pills of methyltest at 20mg. would i still be completely shutdown and need pct? i just hope i dont have to spend more on my pct than my cycle.


I would not reccomend it.

And as was previously mentioned a good portion of the time the illegals are cheaper than the legals....


I have a friend that took pheraplex and superdrol for more than four weeks. He did 6oxo and TRIBEX for his pct, and did not have any estrogen related side effects.

Yet, I've read a lot on different message boards about people's superdrol cycles and a lot of people get gyno once they get off the superdrol, even with standard nolva and clomid (prolactin induced gyno). I wouldn't play roulette with your body man get some damn nolvadex and vitamin b6. You can take the tribulus alongside this for faster recovery too.