Tribulus Supplement?

Do I need to stack an estrogen blocker with Biotest’s TRIBEX?

No, not at all. Tribulus increases your endogenous testosterone levels (i.e. helps your body produce higher levels of its own testosterone). Since none of this test. is foreign your body isn’t going to go in overdrive (by balancing with estrogen) to compensate since your own body makes it.

and it won’t give you crazy crazy test. levels that steroids do.

do you think its a good investment over all or you think i should go with other supplements like Alpha Male, Rez-V, or Beta-7?

I think it’s good stuff, if you’re looking for a good ‘kick’ in your test levels. Alpha Male is all I’ve had experience with, (and I’m on it right now!) and I love it.

Estrogen blockers are much, much more subtle.