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Tribulus Still Good?


My friend was asking me about tribulus fuel stack w/ DHEA by twinlab. He has a bottle of it, but it expired 8/02. He never used it, but the seal was broken by him. Is it still good? And is it a good product?



Just eat it, then you tell us.

At the worst, it has lost its potency, but I can't imagine you would get sick, lol.


I just talked to him and he said he'll give it to me if I want it. Hmm...I still have a 3 cycle of MAG-10 2nd Gen. left, should I be greedy? :slightly_smiling:

So, it's alright to take those, right? I don't really want to get sick and be out of the gym again.



I don't think so. Those expiration dates on such supplements, prescription drugs, etc. are for potency guarantees.


If this is the case, should I even brother taking them? After all, it's been almost 4 yrs after the expire date.


Oh, and it was not kept in the freezer or anything.


Ok, I just got it, the capsules is clear and it's all dry up inside. I then open it, the "inside" fell out and it looks like a hard tab. Is it suppose to be like that? thanks!


i think the insides should be a fine powder or in case of a liquid cap a gel/liquid...my opinion is it doesn't sound so good...anyone else?


My opinion remains unchanged:

Eat, Repeat, Report

If you're afraid, PM me - I'll pay to have it shipped here. For real, I could use some easier muscles and a harder dick.

And people thought I was a hard enough dick already. Haha!

"Wait 'till they get a load of me." - Joker


It probably isn't any good anymore, and if it is gone hard, it probably will pass through you all hard like a pellet. OR maybe you should chew it up. OR smash it up in a mortar and pestle. I've had stuff go hard like that, then it goes in the bin.