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Tribulus Question


Following up my mulit-vitamin question...anyone have any suggestions for a trib supplement? Thanks in advance.


Uh...howzabout TRIBEX? Available at the Biotest store and/or plenty of online supp retailers. Or just go big from the start and use Alpha Male.


Don't even waste you money on either a multivitamin or tribulus unless your taking ZMA first and foremost. Once you do that, then get the TRIBEX.


I hope that you were just kidding, or I missed an inside joke, or something; That was the worst advice I have ever heard someone give.

Next time tell him to stay away from carbs, and drink less water, that way he'll only be getting 2 out of 6 essential nutrients.

TRIBEX has 2 very good ingredients:
1.Tribulus terrestris
2.Avena Stativa

Tribulus is a herb that works by increasing a hormone in your body (LH), which stimulates testosterone.

Avena Stativa is an oat that has many benefits on top of increasing test levels, including relaxation, and anti-depressant.

These 2 ingredients are probably the most effective at raising natural test levels. Combined with Stinging Nettle (which studies say frees natural test levels) You should see great results.


For what it's worth, in case it wasn't clear here, Alpha Male contains many of the active ingredients in TRIBEX, and is sort-of considered an "improvement" on TRIBEX. It also contains the active ingredients in RED KAT and M.

Personally, I would recommend getting Alpha Male and ZMA from the T-Nation product page.


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Hmmmm...you sure? I could be wrong but I don't think M is in there.


I highly recommend Alpha Male. It really works.


Notice Need4Speed said "active" ingredients. Alpha Male contains Tribulus terrestris, Vitex agnus castus, Eurycoma longifolia. Vites agnus castus is found in M, and Eurycoma longifloia is found in RED KAT.

I am 32 and recommend Alpha Male. It definitely works for me.



It's spelled "avena sativa". Hit the search button at the top of the page.