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Tribulus Post-Cycle


first off im 22, 23 next month, years old. i been lifting weights 4-5 days a week since i was 17 years old. i am just geting off an 8 week cycle of delatestryl, which from what i understand is a weaker type of anabolic steroid. but still testicualr atrophy scares me a lil bit. not that i have noticed any, but i still want to take something thats gonna get my body (testes) back to making its own testerone. sorry if i sound like a newb but i kinda am when it comes to anabolics. so would tribulus be a good supplement to take or is theyre anything better???? thanks for the space!!!!


sighhh.....i'll take this one, guys.

well, first off, delatestryl is testosterone enanthate. this is not a "weak" steroid...

second, you should always use something to boost your test levels when you come off cycle....to ask that now is , quite frankly, really stoopid.

third, tribulus is okay with Nolva and Clomid, but generally isn't potent enough to help a user of AAS.

you need to do some research on AAS before you do your cycle, not after you're finishing it up. you make eveyone here look bad by being uneducated about your AAS. this should be obvious, BUT ANABOLIC STEROIDS ARE DRUGS! you need to pay attention to how to use them, and i sure as hell would know what i was doing before i started injecting something in my body well before i started my cycle...

p.s. read the Steroid Newbie Thread...


Sigh... lol

IMHO, Test E for 8 weeks isn't long enough either. How much were you using per week? Oh well, live and learn huh little buddy? It really sucks that AAS is illegal for the simple fact that people who get it on the DL aren't informed as to how to use it safely, correctly and efficiently. Well, that is one of the many reason it sucks.

I wish health and happiness to you and yours.



cyco gave you some good advice...Do yourself a favor and get some clomid for your pct in addition to the tribulus--this will work much better.