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Tribulus plus birth control

Since LH stimulates ovulation, and birth control depresses ovulation, how would these two interact if taken together?



they would not interact. the tribulus would increase testo and the other would just do that.

I think you would have a mood swing that would make Craig Titus look like a pussy cat.

Since tribulus increases LH and LH effects ovulation, more than just increasing testo could occur. not saying would but i am saying maybe.

Hope you guys know you’re responding to a T-Vixen and not a T-man! LH doesn’t do the same function in females as males. In males, of course, LH drives T production but in females, LH has nothing to do with T but causes ovulation. I’m guessin Kittie is wanting to know if Tribex will over ride or cause her birth control pills to fail. I’m guessing it’s never been studied or tested. Let’s us know what happens and good luck.

Have you thought about asking your doctor? It seems to me that manipulating hormones with OTC supplements while relying on hormone-based birth control is asking for trouble (the kind that requires night-time feedings).

Not a flame, but I bet the Dr won’t have a clue what Tribex is and what it will do. Most Dr’s, when told what Tribex is, probably will say it doesn’t work. IMO, unfortunately Dr’s aren’t a good source of info for supplements. And I guess that shouldn’t be surprising because it’s not what they study.