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Tribulus/Other Test Supps for Women

Ok, so I got this product that has mostly tribulus in it. It also has some other things: cissus, hawthorne berry, saw palmetto, horny goat weed, chrysin, longjack. I read (after I bought the stuff) somewhere online that some of this stuff can make you have hallucinations?? I dont need that! The review might have been b.S. I don’t want anything that makes me feel jacked up or hallucinate.

Does anyone know anything about these herbs from personal experience. The tribulus is 750 mg per serving, all the other things are 50 mg. Thanks in advance.

There isn’t a hallucinogenic problem with any of these herbs.

The basis for recent claims in this area seems mostly from this article:

which is practically embarrassing for what a poor effort it is. The “research” is from finding out what people are saying on forums and then seeing if there’s a single case of any adverse side effect anywhere in the world and then reporting that. Even then, hallucinogenic effect isn’t documented anywhere in the article at any time for any of the herbs in the title, and only for a very obscure herb. The article appears purely sensationalistic, despite being published in a peer-reviewed journal.

I would not be concerned about the herbs in that product; however if it is formulated as a male sexual stimulant product, adulteration with the active materials of Viagra or Cialis wouldn’t be greatly unusual.

I would expect the product to do nothing of value for you but also would expect it to be harmless.

thanks for the reply

You’re very welcome!