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Tribulus Help

Hey I really don’t play around with anything other than straight nutrition as far as supplementing my training goes. I’ve been looking to try out tribulus tablets to see if they will actually help me get a few gains in.

I guess what I’m try to ask is who has used tribulus? How did it work for you? Is there anything else I need to know when taking it?

Thanks in advance

Tribulus gave me narly boners and thats about it. I don’t think it boosted test or gave me any gains. Maybe I had a reverse placebo effect. I expect nothing and psyched myself out in experiencing nothing. Give it a shot, make sure you get a good quality product though.

trib along with 6oxo worked good for me.
my ex at the time noticed a difference from when i was taking it for a few days and when I wasnt

The “oh my god it just keeps growing dosent it?” statment made me laugh.