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Tribulus Fuel Stack Twin Lab

Has anybody used Twin Labs “Tribulus Fuel Stack”? Any comments are helpfull. =;I

Forget Twinlab – use Tribex. Its the best, hands down.

I used regular Twinlab Tribulus Fuel and it worked good for me…must be decent quality. What do they add to the ‘stack’?

What about Twin Lab’s Testosterone Booster stuff with DHEA and Tribulus? My 20 year old friend told me he was taking it and I almost died. Some people are just so stupid and will do anything you tell them.

My gains on different tribulus products: Twinlab Tribulus Fuel= crap, Tribestan= o.k., Tribex-500= unfuckingbelievable. Should possibly change the name to “instant wood-500”.

took a whole bottle of trib fuel got nada-i used 3x the dose too, Tribex is #1 and then tribestan the other are dried up hay/leaves/grass

I’ve used “Tribulus Fuel” on numerous occasions,hoping the
next time it might actually do something for me!Why? Because
of my situation, I can get Twin-Lab products at 50% off.
(Anyone got an " Abb-Doer" they wanna sell me!)The point
is I’ve never got a rise from this stuff,whether it be in the
weight room or the bedroom!

The first time I ever used Twinlabs version of tribulus it worked unbelievable. This was, I believe, before Tribex 500 was even on the market. After this I eventually used tribex 500 and it was quite a bit stronger then twinlabs version. I’ve continued to use tribex 500 off and on yet I’ve never had the same results as I got the first time. Now when I take twinlabs tribulus it does absolutely nothing for me. So I theorize somehow my body has become adapted to the effects of tribulus…even though I cycle it and usually lay off a month or 2 in between cycles.

tried tribulus fuel from twinlab, and it made an instant difference in strength and overall muscle hardness (must have got the only potent batch)…a bit of a question - is there a risk of getting gyno while using a trib. product? I know tribex500 is formulated to decrease conversion to dht, but for straight-up tribulus users, would saw palmetto work? thanks