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Tribulus for low Tlevels

any one used Tribulus to help bring up low Tlevels, I am 24 and I am showing signs of low levels, I will of course be seeeing a doctor about this but in the mean time am thinking about trying tribulus

Used in conjuction with M, it doubled my T levels in 2 weeks based on blood tests.

I use it to boost high levels! It works. Now I’ve never had a test but I’m sure I have high levels. When I’m not on it I want to screw every day and workout like crazy. When I’m on it my power goes up a bit, I still want to screw like crazy (but start to drool at hot co-workers)and I eat like a horse. I gain just a bit faster and recovery can be from about 8 hours to a maximum of 24 hours- a little faster than normal.