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Tribulus Effects With Extended Use?


Can tribulus become less effective if taken for too long??


Yes. Testosterone and Lutenizing Hormone are on a negative feedback cycle. Tribulus increases LH which causes the testes to produce more T. More T, in turn, causes a decrease in the amount of LH produced. It soon becomes a futile battle and your T levels will stabilize, the tribulus wasted.


This is why Tim suggests going on a 2x2 cycle when using TRIBEX. This way you get 2 weeks stable and 2 weeks amped up.


You mean alternating 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off ?


This is why Biotest recommends 5 days on and 2 days off, but I wasn't aware of a 2 weeks on / 2 weeks off approach . . . .


I think with TRIBEX you have to play around a bit and see what works. When I am taking TRIBEX I generally have one week on then three or four days off etc.

This may not be the most beneficial way to cycle it but trib products give me acne and so I need more than two days off to help this settle down.


Oddly enough, it clears mine up. I can only presume that my t-levels have utterly bottomed out since having a child six months ago, combined with the insane work schedule I'm on and the utter lack of sleep. Tribestus is probably the only thing that gets me anywhere near normal. :stuck_out_tongue: