Tribulus Effecting Labs

Hi all,

I’ve had 2 Hormone labs done to check TT and FT levels (amongst others like FAH, LH, etc included in normal full Hormone panels). My labs came back with low TT (323) and my FT (17.2).

I took tribulus because my dr wouldn’t prescribe trt and retested again 6 months later (2 weeks ago), and my FT was off the charts (>100) in a range of 2.5-30.2.

He won’t prescribe me trt now because he believes the tribulus is working and that my new labs TT (280) are great numbers lol. Love what endo’s say sometimes.

Anyways, anyone know how long it takes tribulus to get out of your system and if it really influences FT that much?

Thanks all


Am I understanding correctly that the tribulus appears to have increased your FT levels and you want to stop taking the tribulus?

Great question. The fact that my FT was a 17.4 then a 13.2, then jumps to over 100 is suspect.

My TT levels are low, and since TT factors FT into it, I am concerned about my TT levels.

Ohhhhh, I missed that part about total T being 280. Now your post makes a lot more sense. I was sitting here thinking, “what’s the issue?”

Truthfully, hormone panel interpretation are (believe it or not) a bit outside my wheelhouse. It’s my understanding, though, that there are lots of things at play here - and that total and free T levels might not be all that matters.

If I were you, I’d read up on T panel interpretation as much as possible (yes, even on Google) and look for patterns and common ideas in what you read, usually this is just about where reality lies. This will take time but I’d sure as hell put that time in before doing anything that would tinker with my hormones.

Next, I’d get a second, third, or fourth opinion and see which doctor’s explanation makes the most sense based on what I’d learned. While doctors are experts, our understanding of the human body and all it’s intricacies are changing all the time so I’d never take one individual doc’s word on its own.

Also, I’d probably not do anything until working a doctor trained in functional medicine or a highly-regarded functional medicine practitioner who knows how to get to the root of WHY your T is low, rather than throwing TRT at is.

Does that all make sense?

That all does make sense. I have had 3 different doctors now try and “help” me with 3 very different results. My issue is I have a very high deductible and this is starting to really add up. If there was a dr that I could trust and knew was legit it would be worth paying another few visits. But since I can’t find that I’m not sure what to do

You should start working on your attitude. 3 doctors? Really?

Not liking the answer you get and asking an Internet forum for an answer you like is the problem

Good luck

Though I do appreciate your post, I am looking for more educated individuals specifically in the field of endocrinology to help me understand my hormone levels than the doctors I saw.

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Dude, if you are paying out of pocket I think you’d be much better served finding somebody who practices functional medicine.

Do you live in a big city by any chance?

I’ve never heard of functional medicine, however I do live near Seattle.

I could give you references, credentials and solutions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

You are associating your numbers with something you read on the internet once. You are looking for an answer that you want to hear. That makes you a client I would never take on.

Also, you have given us a glimpse of your information. Not enough for anyone to give you an answer.

Again,good luck. Your time would be better spent finding a sport doctor or a doctor you can actually talk to.

I appreciate your help. Truthfully inalready have a script so it is not like I am looking to find a doctor to give me one.

I am having reading all I can on here, and asking the advice of those who know more than I. I am trying to ascertain what to do about my situation. I used to be a 880 TT, and now I am a 280 and have slight gyno in my left nipple, what seems to be low TT, cery low LH and FSH levels, and high E2.

I appreciate your help. I don’t know if I need to take an AI to get my E2 levels lower and that will help raise my TT since E2 is a negative feedback loop on test. I’m just not sure what to do