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Tribulus Dosage?

Hey i im planning to start a tribulus cycle and i looked around for supplements to find best. My question is: is there a perscribed dosage. everywhere i read its like 2-4, 1-3 pills a day depending on the supplement. so i wonder is there any rule for dosing (like 50 mg per kilo etc. something like that)?

how old are you . im 43 n been taking trib 650mg 2 x a day for about 4 years . if your young (under 30/35) and in good shape you shouldnt really need it .

i would like to use it for strength boost as im on a fat loss phase and my strength levels are much lower then before

from my own experience it didnt help with strength . it helped with libido , feeling good and that sort of aggresive drive that you want in the gym . if youve been dieting hard for a long time maybe you need a refeed here and there to regulate your hormones and give you a boost .plus the loss of strength may be from loss of muscle .