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Tribulus/Birth Control questions


I've got a couple questions regarding these two things. First of all, has anyone noticed any decreased drive to workout after starting on the birth control pill? My girlfriend (who's usually very enthusiastic about heavy lifting) has been experiencing a huge loss in drive, and we're both wondering if that can be attributed to the pill.

So far from my reasoning i'd say yes, but I am unsure as I am rather uneducated. What seems strange to me, however, is that the pill for her seemed to trigger an increase in sex drive. You'd think the opposite would happen when in conjunction with a loss of drive to exercise. Anyone know a little more about this topic?

Secondly, I wanted to know if theres any of you females out there that have tried taking tribulus. I've read that it has been used alot as a libido-increasing drug in women as well, but I was wondering it's effect on training in paticular.

Would tribulus likely increase the testosterone levels of women as well as men? Can someone clarify the effects of higher test in women? I haven't found any negative side effects as long as it's in a normal range as of yet.

Just thought I'd see if any of you guys have a little more knowledge of these things than i'm finding around. It's actually quite hard to find specific information on these things. All the studies i've found seem to always be on men. Thanks in advance.


I believe Tribulus Terrestris tells your body to produce more LH, and then LH tells your balls to pump out some more Testosterone. So I don't think it would work for her. Then again, it's 5 in the morning and I could be very wrong.


This is totally normal. When a woman starts the pill they become like a 16 year old boy. The pill is estrogen into the system. It is just like a man taking test, he will become hornier than all hell.


I've read a couple accounts of women raising test via tribulus, but I can't verify it. I didn't know if it just affected testes or if it might cause the ovaries to produce more test as well.

Some studies seem to hint that tribulus may increase DHEA levels, which would probably translate into higher test levels for women.

I'm somewhat disheartened by the inconsistency in all these tribulus studies, though.