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Tribulus and Creatine

I am currently taking TRIBEX in the morning before eating preworkout shake. I know you are supposed to take it on an empty stomach. So I was thinking…Can I take the Tribulus and hit the eliptical machine for fifteen minutes then drink pre w/o shake then hit the gym thirty minutes later. What do ya think?

Also, is there any problem with taking Tribulus with Creatine and Glutamine?

Nah that sounds fine. And when do any of us have an empty stomach anyway?

I take my TRIBEX first thing. The afternoon’s a bit more interesting but what I usually do is take the TRIBEX about 3hrs after my last meal, set my watch timer for 15mins and then eat something.

In fact, I’m gonna go eat something right now…

Thanks for your reply…I can’t believe no one else has anything to say about this of all things!!