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Tribulus & Alpha Male

Has anyone tried both of these products? Do they work?

I picked up some Tribulus terrestris from Met-rx the other day, appears to be the exact same as Biotest’s except with different packaging, has anyone used it and felt a noticable difference?

Also how does Alpha Male stack up vs Trib? Are the effects even more noticable?

There’s actually a huge difference between these products.

Alpha Male works pretty good, but I wouldn’t expect much from MetRx with Products like this.

Alpha Male is a blend of Tribulus and Longjack…along with a third ingredient which I dont recall.

the product you bought from Metrx is plain Tribulus.

yes , I can tell a difference when not using Trib or Longjack .

personally I prefer Longjack over Trib .

I’ve never used a product which contains both Jack and Trib . but I have used both at the same time .

[quote]HK24719 wrote:
I wouldn’t expect much from MetRx with Products like this.[/quote]

well metrx is a pretty reliable company, i would choose Biotest but they dont seem to ship to the uk very often.

and the metrx label/ingredients for their tribulus is EXACTLY the same as Biotest’s trib so, i doubt it would be a poorer quality.

I’ll pick up Alpha Male for my birthday maybe =p