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Tribulus 1000


Hi Guys, I'm 61 and have been working out since Jubenville equipment at the Ymca. I'm not what I once was and have started with the Tribulus 1000. My vanity knows no bounds, but I want to stay on this side of the tracks. Plus I'm on a VA pension so funds are limited. Could you recommend an effective Tribulus. Please note, I still squat over 4 plates cleanly. That's what keeps me being me, and not pulling the plug.


Mother of God...I honestly don't understand 75% of your post. Your vanity knows no bounds but you want to stay on this side of the tracks?? Are you stating that you want to look good at 61 but don't want to start taking steroids? Tribulus is not going to be the catalyst for you to suddenly be in love with your body again, it'll help with virility and libido but that's about it.

Also, what is your definition of "squat over 4 plates cleanly"? So the day you no longer can do this you're going to end your life? I think you may need something more than Tribulus...