Tribolan '75'

Anyone ever had any experiance with this stuff, I hear its relatively new.

Contents include nandrolone decanoate 35mg and methandriol dipropionate 40mg. So basically its dosed at 75mg/ml. Anything anyone could tell me about this stuff would be great.

PS:no… im not talking about Tribolan the supplement, this is a veterinary grade steroid.

Was thinking of stacking this with Test Cypionate.

PPS: Long time reader of these forums first time poster, so yea, hi =)



considering nandrolone decanoate 35mg and methandriol dipropionate 40mg the diprop you need anywhere from 100-300mg p/week and the Deca…35mg? Thats awful weak it is a more appropriate dose for a female…Even at EOD I don’t think you 'll be recieving a good dose of either compound.

Once again this is just me thinking, but I would venture to say that particular compound was developed for a female bro. For instance 50mg Nandro vials for females just not high enough concentration for male use

That’s a uniquely Australian veterinary grade steroid. Most guys here from other countries have never heard of it.

I know guys who have used it with success.

Thanks alot for the replies. It is my first cycle so im keeping the doses of what im stacking low at the moment, see how my body takes it. I got my hands on the tribolan super cheap and easy, as well as the Cypionate im going to use it with.

Its hard to get real gear at cheap prices down my way so im just thankful its the real deal and that it didn’t cost me and arm and a leg.

Im going to start with a ml of Tribolan and a ml of Cypionate per week to begin with and taper it up to double that, then back down again of course.

I’ll post with updates on how my cycle goes. Once again thanks guys.