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When are the best times to take tribex? I workout usually after 8pm. Also is it better to take it before bed?

Dude, no offense, but do a little a reseach on the site. That question has been asked and answered about 80,000,000,000 times.

Morning and around 3pm is the usual dosing.

JRC do you realize you could have just answered his question in less words then it took you to say what you said?

“Why are people like this?” - why are guys like you drama queens?

yeah not being a dick and wanting to just have people help others out makes me a drama queen.

Good job man, an answer is better than an idiots opinion. How bout an answer to this, im 5’6’’ 165 lbs. whats the best dosage for Tribex as in four pills twice a day?, three?, five? This has not been answered with a specific reference like weight and height so don’t bs me around.