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Tribex500 and M only stack......

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I had to quit some of my training due to “patela femoral syndrome” in my right knee. I’ve currently got over that with some rehab excercises and trying some deep masaging of the some specific ligaments (similar to ART I imagine).

I just started my new routine of:

sun., tues., thurs.

-Weighted pullups-5x5
-One-Armed Pushups (on fists)-5x5 (on each side).

-Pistols (0ne-Legged Squats)-5x5 (on each side)
-Kettlebell Curls-5x5

mon., wed., fri.

Kettlebell Cleans-10x5 (on each side)
One-Legged Calf Raises-5x5 (0n each side)

Modified Ab targeted-Leg raises-5x5
Oblique-Twist sit-ups-5x10

As you can see I’m more into the pound-for-pound functional strength and being cut than trying to gain a lot of size. These workouts have worked wonders for me. Who else is currently using these type of workouts such as Pavel Tsatsouline’s stuff, renegade, etc.

I’ve considered using Mag-10 but I am not really looking to get huge or mess with my endocrine system (at least for now) because I’m only 20 years old and I don’t really have the budget. I am interested in the Tribex 500 and M stack because it should be good for recovery and an extra Testosterone kick. Is anybody using the Tribex 500 and M stack by themselves and what are your results?