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Hey all.....

I just picked up a bottle of TRIBEX yesterday at my local supplement store. But while searching this site I don't see it for sale.

Did Biotest stop making it? If so, why? I hope I didn't just waste $35.


I don't know why it isn't for sale on this website, but Biotest still sells it on their website.




No, you didn't waste $35. You have a bottle of TRIBEX to show for it.

TRIBEX is available from Biotest. Go to Biotest.net and you'll see the website; you can order TRIBEX there for $59.99.

(Now, to stave off the next question:)
Biotest assumes that members of T-Nation--T-Men and T-Women, if you will--would be able to handle supplements more powerful than those used by average joes and janes. For that purpose, they offer Alpha Male for T-Men via the store found at T-Nation. It includes the active ingredient found in TRIBEX, as well as other things that make it a more powerful Testosterone booster.

Enjoy the TRIBEX. THEN check out Alpha Male.


Why isn't TRIBEX being sold from this site anymore, and why the hell is everything so f'in expensive over at biotest.net?


Did you not read what Tshaw wrote above that explains it.

Biotest has certain Higher powered supps that are exclusive to this site and its memebers. Such as Alpha Male Which is a Mix of RED KAT, TRIBEX, and M. So no need for TRIBEX here.

Then they also have other lesser, while still AWESOME supps just not "HARDCORE" that are sold at places like GNC etc. TRIBEX being one of them. Now they really cant put the price Lower than that of the companies that carry the product. Thats BAD business Why the hell would those companies try and sell it if the supplier was undercutting them. HMMM??

Basically it is a gift to us to get a better cut the middle man out price by coming to this site. That along with all the free articles and info.

Then like any smart business have a secondary approach to the public at large. That would be the TRIBEX, MAG-10 Avenger, Regular HOT-ROX.

Does that help, they have explained this NUMEROUS times.



Yes Phill, I apologize for not reading every post on the site, but thanks for the explanation.


Even if Biotest had stopped making TRIBEX, how would you have wasted $35?


If Biotest had stopped making Tribex I was just looking for the reason why. If it had been voluntarily stopped by the company for possible complications or possible side effects.

I just didn't know, that's all. I was not in any way shape or form trying to bad mouth Biotest. I wasn't aware of them selling the "hardcore" products on the website.

Thanks for the info. Its my first time with a test booster and I'm really excited about it.


Oh man I know its tough to read those LONG threads a whole Of 3 replies when you posted and the one that answered you question was the only one over a word or 2 besides the original question. LOL

No prob eh' Just trying to help. And Give you a bit of a hard time


On a related note, I think Biotest's policy of having some products available here, and some available there and some available other places, and some being more potent or less potent than others, and some prices being $X and others being $Y . . . I think all of it, and the confusion that it creates, is PROBABLY detrimental to them overall, but that's just me. That's their business.

(Might want to do a marketing survey of some sort on that one though, Biotest folk). :wink:


It's really not that complicated.

The products on T-Nation are typically of higher strength and are usually priced lower than you'll find elsewhere for the same thing.

If you know about T-Nation, it makes sense to order from here. If one doesn't know about T-Nation, they don't know what they are missing.



I fully understand it. Trust me; I know the deal. I just think it's probably detrimental to THEM (Biotest) because, for better or for worse, there are ALWAYS people popping up asking things like, "Why can't I find TRIBEX? Is TRIBEX still any good? Why is the Alpha Male on the BiotestEdge sight more expensive than the Alpha Male on T-Nation? Is it different? What about the one in GNC? What about Fahrenheit? How come I can't find that on T-Nation? Why can't I find Carbolin 19 in stores?" etc., etc., ad nauseum.

YOU AND I know the answers to these questions but, clearly, scores of people don't. And most of those who don't ain't gonna do a search of the entire T-Nation sight to find their answer. (Or if they do, they might have a hard time finding their answer in one concise place).

I'm not complaining personally. All I'm saying is that I bet this setup is, overall, detrimental to Biotest's sales. That's just my hunch. But I could be wrong.


Jesus Phill, try to make some sense next time you post. The guy before me didn't answer either of my questions, plus I saw TRIBEX for sale less than a month ago from this website.


Well actually he DID answer your question if you took a minute to read the post and well maybe think about it. Here it is.

Now this clearly explains why it is not here, and even further that it is a good product and that we here are giving a special Deal on even more effective products.

The difference in this post and mine is that he didnt take the time to Spell out every little detail. Figuring that people reading it may just have the ability to read into the post. That he didnt need to explain things in an elementary tone.

Now settle down and dont get you knickers in a bundle. We, and I are just trying to help. Sometimes it is just a tad frustrating beating the same DEAD horse over and over again. This particular one was dog food many months ago IMO