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Do these guys still sell TRIBEX? I have been away from this place for 5 years.

Can I stack TRIBEX with 1-AD1 (Biolean)


If you want straight TRIBEX, you can always go to www.biotest.net and order it there. But since you're here...you want to check out Alpha Male. Think of it as a mixture of TRIBEX, RED KAT, and M.

Why gone so long? What brought you back?


Hey whats up with this other site? How's come I've never seen it before. And woo-ho! $89 for Alpha Male. I think I'm confused.

Isn't TRIBEX in Alpha Male?? Or is it Red Bands or RED KAT? You can tell I'm somewhat of a newbie yet. I've never taken it before but I know Alpha Male is a stack of 3 supplements. What would be the point of taking one solely when you can get a three stack in Alpha Male?



In the not-so-long-ago, Biotest decided to change things up a bit. Biotest has always had a website where you could order supplements. Testosterone.net/T-Mag.com linked to it.

THEN they did a great thing: they pulled back from supplying GNC and others with all their supps, made them available directly, and dropped prices to reflect the lack of a middle man.

Along with this change, they did something even more cool: they continued to sell certain supplements on the Biotest site, but to members of T-Nation, they made available more powerful formulations at the better prices.

Therefore, a run-of-the-mill wannabee lifter who Googles tribulus terrestris can find it at Biotest.net. But to the rare ones who find their way to this here website, hang around and read, like what they see, and sign up...THOSE people have accessible to them more powerful supplements at better prices.

(...and you can read about it all in my forthcoming book: "PCT, TLC, & TC on the QT: The Secret History of a Website That Cared and Changed the World of Bodybuilding Supplements"; available soon from Tongue-in-Cheek Press)

If you are past the age of 30, just whip out your credit card and click on the "Full Product List" bar, willya? If you are younger, you've got time to read up and figure out what's what.

(Damn! This has made me late for my workout, and it's Squat-Rack Curls Day!)


Lol. Been around long enough to have seen that joke. I will just continue to read up. I've probably read here for about a year, year and a half and am younger but not too young. Its just an overwhelming amount of info.

And though I dont know about the potency of the supplements here compared to that front runner site, I do know that Grow! is wonderful and I can't go back to using anything else (and the runs).


Personally, I love the taste of Low-Carb Chocolate Grow!, and wouldn't want to be without. In fact, if money's tight, I'll be happy with Grow! and Surge (and maybe Power Drive). I can skip the Alpha Male (although I like having it) and anything else I've tried from Biotest if I've got the "food" supplements rather than the hormonal boosters.

When the conversation around non-lifters turns to diet, I always mention "I have chocolate every day." Makes them wonder how carefully I actually eat!


I was one of the first guys in Canada to try Biotest hell I think I still have my free T-shirt LOL you know the black one with yellow "Testosterone"