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I have noticed on the forums that many advocate reaching your genetic ceiling or reaching a certain training age before using steroids. Do the same guidelines apply to TRIBEX? Also, I would appreciate any comments from those who have used TRIBEX.
(I’m asking about TRIBEX because it is one of the few Biotest products available in Australia).

TRIBEX is not in the same boat as AAS/PH/PS. It is not a case of replacing ones natural hormone production but one that maximizes your own natural production of T. This is why it has it’s best results in older ppl and or those who’s T production has been lowered due to other reasons ( bad diet mishaps, stress, etc…)

So no it is essentially natural and you will not have a level of hormones higher than your bodies highest natural production. But this high natural production can be AWESOME.

Hope that helps,

How long after you stop using Tribex does your testosterone production return to normal?

I am not sure???

I really am not sure anyone can tell you either. I imagine it is a very subjective thing and differs for each individual and each case.