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Hey, I have been reading t-mag for quite some time and it has helped me a great deal. Recently I have thought about buying 2 bottles of Tribex to see how it works. The thing is that I am 19 years old.
I guess one of the reasons for wanting to buy it would be my envy of some others at the gym. As you can guess many kids in the college gym use steroids and prohormones. And make huge leaps in size with being a dumb ass about everything else. While I have been tempted to buy some 4ad-ec I resisted as I am against its use until a certain size and age. I figured tribex would be a good middle ground but still wonder if it?s right for me. Right now I am about 185 at 5’11" and am between 11-12% body fat. I posted some pictures 3 months ago if you wish to see them.
I developed at an early age and was always a few years ahead of the other kids (Had to shave face in 7th grade) and so could say I don?t have the body of a 19 year old I don’t really know where this is going but I either need some encouragement or insight on what to do. Sorry it this doesn?t make sense to anyone lol its been a long day.

Oh and I also know tribex is not going to give me 20 lbs of muscle but my guess is that it will help the process.

i’ve taken tribex and it aggrevated my acne and i’m also 19. other than that, it made me pretty horny (more than i normally am) and my mood swings were less frequent and severe. i’ll continue to use it since i like the way i feel on it

Well, I will say Tribex is a great product and is worth a try. I dont think anyone is going to come on here though and make promisses to if/orhow well it is going to work for you though. This mainly do to your age. @ 19 your hormones should be through the roof as is.

So, sure the Tribex is wouldnt hurt and MAY help. If you have a load of extra cash to spend. If not I think you would be better off spending the funds you set aside for the Tribex on Surge and Grow. Optimizing your PWO nutrition, and getting more quality protein along with training like a T-man @ 19 should give you some great results.

M, on the other hand may be a better option then the Tribex. This do to the reasoning once again of your age, and most likely soaring T levels. M instead of trying to further increase you T, will be used to lower/control your estrogen levels which could lead to beetr progress.

Now you dont want to totally supress est. levels. Est. is actually needed to make gains to a point. But controlling it/slightly lowering your levels may lead to some good results.

You have quite a few options that I went into there, and could probably go on forever. But the fact remains, in my opinion, that you will be best served to train hard, eat good, rest, and maximize you PWO nutrition with surge, and add some more protein with the grow, and then you will GROW also.

Hope that ramble helps.

Thanks. I may pick up a bottle and see if it does anything. Or wait for the alpha-male.
Does anyone think that redkat would work better than tribex? Maybe in younger lifters?

Personally I didn’t experience any change in mood nor did my gains in the gym change in any noticeable way. Chances are it’s not a bad product, it’s probably the fact that my free testosterone is 220pg/ml which I’m told is well above average. I’m guessing that Tribex would be best used by those with low T

My mood seems to be enhanced by it and there seems to be an increase in libido, but then again, its kindof a passive feeling. Its not like I take it and I’m euphoric and humping everything.

A lot of those guys that look big now in college won’t last five years. They’re building a house on sand, while you’re building a house on bedrock.

If you master training, diet, and recovery, then it will be easy to add gear on top of that to get another 10-20%. But if you feel like those guys are passing you up, then trust me, they’re not. Because a lot of them, for whatever reason, can’t keep it up.

A good example is Arnold S. It was actually his brother Meinhard who had a better physical structure for bodybuilding, who was naturally stronger and a better athlete. But without the will to succeed, it meant nothing.


Guys, this is gonna sound stupid and ignorant, but if you were to try tribex before you were done growing like at 18 or so (my doctor said I still have a few years left to grow), do you think it could have any effect on your height, like stunted growth?

I was just wondering because even though I’m 18 and my t-levels are probably already through the roof, I would like to give tribex a try. Thanks a lot.


At the age of 19 it is foolish to attempt to manipulate your T levels. Use your hard earned money on good food, and a quality protein supplement like Grow!

Stacked no it would not hurt your growth.

Tribex stimulates you to naturally produce more test, not replacing it or guiving you levels higher than you could possibly produce.

Hope that helps.

Tribex won’t stunt growth like early use of steroids can. It only maximizes your natural levels of T.

I like Tribex but I think most teens should spend their money on Grow or something of that nature. After all, if you’re not getting enough protein and good nutrition, nothing is going to help. Cover that base first with Grow. It’s not expensive anymore so that’s a plus for teens.

Red Katt is somewhat more effective then Tribex at boosting T levels.

I agree with the advice about diet. If you are not consuming 1.5 to 2 gms. of protien per pound of LBM then don’t waste your cash.

Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it.

 I weight 185 and eat around 200 to 220 grams of protein per day. My diet and training are down pretty good; sometimes it will get worse during stressful college days but that it just not eating enough calories. I have been training for quite some time 6 years with the last 2+ t-mag style. I have always been good while lifting weights, even when younger. I never got into the muscle and fitness thing. 

My biggest problem over the years has been my injuries. I had been snowboarding since 2nd grade up until 2 years ago when enough was enough. Between snowboarding and skateboarding I had come out at age 17 with a blown out knee, an arm with three surgeries to repair, a fractured kidney among many other problems (more than I wish to think about) So as you might guess this leaves me starting over again quite often.
Even though right now I feel as though I am well built, the temptation to try to speed up the process is there. With this post I was looking for that extra boost. Even though I will most likely not be buying anything, I just wanted to see my options.
Thanks for any input guys, this magazine and forum has been great.


I was similar to you, as far as developing early. I am 24 now and use Tribex a few times a year. I love it. It is my favorite sup. of all time (narrowly edging out Methoxy). I couldn’t tell you how much muscle gained, as I always use it while dieting, but I never lost muscle and it always helped strength go up.

Not sure about Red Kat, I’m getting ready to try that as well…They work thru differend mechs. though.