Did a quick search but didnt really find an answer. When using tribex on the 5 on 2 off method. How long can a guy stay on it for? is it ok to go 9 weeks?


what are u stacking with the tribex?

nothing really , just taking the norm , creatine and whey , not really stacking!

I have been on the Tribex 5/2 cycle for 4 month straight before without any problems. Libido and strength was excellent.

Now I rotate between Tribex and Tongkat Ali/Avena sativa every other month. Been doing this now for 5 month and it’s working like a charm.

Johnny Lee - can you give a few more details, like where you get the tongkat and avena and what effects you’ve seen? Thanks.

I get the Tongkat Ali & Avena Sativa from Beyond A Century. Play with the dosage to see what works for you.

My natural T level has been on the low side for the past few years. Since I started this, my Total and Free T has doubled.

With it, I’ve noticed nice strength & endurance increase in the gym. Also Increased libido, to the point of my girl-friend have to beat me off with a stick. PM me if you have any more questions.

Thanks for the heads up JL.

i just ordered 6 bottles of Tribex (buy 2 get one free). =)