I’m just curious would anyone recommend a women to take tribex. I just want to know if I should go on it or not.

Try it and see if you like it. Tribex has no negative side effects for men or women.

Hi Lynn, I’ve never tried Tribex, But I have tried 19-nor in oral form. I had good increases in strength,no side effects at low doses(1/2 the recommended dose for men)I found my muscles got thicker and rounder. I am naturally muscular but generally have longer muscle bellies so I felt too “bulky” after a couple months. Haven’t had any supplements for over a year- just protein,I going to try Methoxy-7 it has been recommended on this site, I will post results. My goal is to be stronger and stay lean,I know that will not be easy.What are your goals? Let us know your results, it would be nice to know how Tribex effects the female form.