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This may sound dumb, but if I am going to go out drinking at the weekend, and I do as i enjoy it - thenwould taking a supplement like Tribex negate the negative effects associated with alcohol? (like lowering of T-levels, estrogen increase etc)

I don’t think that it will, but that is just my opinion. If I am correct, Tribex causes an indirect raise in T by increasing LH. Drinking alcohol causes an increase in LH because T is being destroyed. So, no, I do not think Tribex will negate the effects of alcohol on T, but it should help raise T levels faster after drinking than without it.

Yeah ive often wondered that, seems like the dream solution if it worked!

A prohormone would help, but not Tribex. Tribex caused LH to rise, which caused T to rise. However, I believe that alcohol supresses T production, while stimulating LH production, so you’d just be adding even more LH to your system, still with no rise in T. A prohormone, however, is probably the only thing that will make your T levels rise in the presence of alcohol.

4-AD-EC or Androsol would work.