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does tribex increase sex drive in females?

Not as much as when you do cook dinner and do the dishes!

Ha ha. Pretty funny Demo Dick. So sad, but true. I think it increases it. But from what I know, the dosing directions are COMPLETELY different.

No! Tribex increases LH and in males, you know, those homo sapiens that have balls, that leads to an increase in testosterone production. This happens due to direct stimulation of the testes to produce T by LH.
In females, T is produced at the adrenal glands only!!! So increasing LH would have no effect on T production, it will probably cause irregularities in your menstrual cycle.
If some women claim to have had their libido increased by Tribex, then they were experiencing the placebo effect.

Several reliable and frequent T-Vixen posters have posted on the forum in the past that they have benefited from Tribex and I believe them. This has been discussed and backed up through ancedotal evidence but the exact mechanism of how Tribex works in females is unknown. I have read other sources that said tribex also seems to promote DHEA production at the adrenal gland so perhaps that is playing a role.

Actually, protodioscin, the active ingredient in tribulus, may itself convert to DHEA and if that’s the case, then adrenal conversion of DHEA to testosterone is entirely possible. The other possible reason is vasodilation in the “lower extremity” which isn’t really dependent upon the person’s sex. I’m certain it’s one or both of these things.

Are you sure that they cannot have their libido increased by it, GR? The testimonies that Biotest published about Tribex-500 on it’s advertisement has a woman saying she was “in high school again”. Just a thought…

If part of the increased libido effect from Tribex in women is simply a conversion of the protodioscin to DHEA, why not just supplement with DHEA by itself?

I haven’t taken Tribex, But I take a Tribulus(500mg/cap)-pumpkin seed-ALA supplement, and the answer is a resounding YES! I also find that I retain less water, and have more energy.

Yep! And it can get rid of PMS too. I just go off it on weekends.

I’m aware of the assertion in the literature that protodioscin is a prohormone of DHEA,
but zero evidence was given and the idea makes zero sense to me. It’s nowhere near DHEA in structure. It would take a LOT of steps to convert it, if it can be converted at all which is not clear.

Cholesterol would have to be more readily converted to DHEA than protodioscin is. It’s a three step process (some of which are themselves multistep but for convenience are often described as single step) all of which protodioscin would have to go through also, but protodioscin would need yet more. (I don’t currently have protodioscin’s structure and it’s not one I recall in detail, though I have known it before, but the above statement would be true of any furostan steroid, which protodioscin is.)