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Tribex, Yohimbe

Is it ok to take Tribex500 at the same time I am taking Yohimbe?
What are some good brands of Yohimbe, ie real, cost effective, sufficient dosage. One person in a previous post mentioned Premier One. What about Twinlab’s product?

I remember awhile ago Tim P. said he thought Twinlab’s Yohimbe was one of the only brands he would trust…take it for what it’s worth…

Not a problem taking the two together. Twinlab almost always has quality products, but their prices are usually high.

Nevermind, I just tried Twinlab Yohimbe fuel. Just one capsule made me nervous and paranoid. I didn’t think it would do this, but I’ve only tried in in combination with other thermogenics. What about Saw Palmetto. How come that’s no longer in Tribex 500? Thanks

If you take yohimbe do not take it with ephedrine(I assume this is the thermogenic you used). Norephedrine would be better.