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Tribex with or without

When taking Tribex is it necessary to take M as outlined in the testosterone stack cycle on the Biotest site?? I was planning on doing the 5 days on and 2 days off Tribex cycle, so is M really needed? Wouldn’t taking plain ol’ vitex essentially be the same as M?

Please help me figure this out

If you’re just using Tribex on it’s own for the purposes of boosting Testosterone, and not to recover from the use of an andrgogen, then M (ir another other anti-estrongen) is not absolutely necessary.

However, As Testosterone levels increase, so do estrogen levels; although Trbiex should ensure that your T increase is much greater than your E. Bottom line, an anti-estrogen will likely make the whole processes a little more effective, but you can do without it. If you choose to use one, Vitex is probably just as good for your money, unless you have supremely high estrogen levels.

Wow, I just want to apologize for the jumbled mass of nonsensical words that was my last post. Here’s a correction:

" then M (ir another other anti-estrongen)" should read: "then M (or any other anti-estrogren)"

New rule: do not post immediately after a psych test.

Tribex-500 was around long before M and it works great by itself. A stack of Tribex and M is ideal but not necessary to get the benefits of Tribex. If on a budget, vitex and Tribex is a good stack, but M is much more powerful than vitex alone. In fact, the other ingredients in M are probably more powerful than the vitex in M. In other words, M is much more than just a good source of vitex.

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